Bank Failures, Bond Rallies, Inflation Softening

Last June, I published an update piece to the publication titled “The Reality of Where We Are”. In those pieces was a very cautionary and bearish tone, one that identified a flattening (now inverted) yield curve (when short maturity interest rates are higher than longer maturity rates – almost always a tell-tale sign of recession)Continue reading “Bank Failures, Bond Rallies, Inflation Softening”

The Reality of Where We Are – June 2022 Update

In March of this year, I published a cautionary piece for investors and consumers. It can be found on our website ( My concern was a Federal Reserve that was way behind, analysts and economists were way too bullish, and a consumer that was outspending its means, even in a strong economy. I had takenContinue reading “The Reality of Where We Are – June 2022 Update”

The Reality of Where We Are

When I first began developing these pieces, the purpose behind developing a vision for them was to deliver a concise, no-nonsense article for clients and followers to receive my perspective without the typical fluff that we see time and again in other publications. I named this concept Keeping it “Reel” as I liked the fishingContinue reading “The Reality of Where We Are”

Retail Investor Speculation Mania

It’s quite remarkable how retail investor (at-home traders and investors) behavior helps professionals get a gauge on the market’s sentiment and health. I’ve been reading all across social media platforms about what stocks people have been trading, many of whom just got started ‘day trading’. I’ve even seen threads on sports boards for my belovedContinue reading “Retail Investor Speculation Mania”

A Vaccine for Your Portfolio

Last week, biopharmaceutical companies Pfizer and BioNTech announced that their mRNA-based vaccine candidate has demonstrated evidence of efficacy against COVID-19 in participants without prior evidence of infection. The vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90 percent effective in preventing COVID-19 in participants in the first interim efficacy analysis. The study enrolled 43,538 participants,Continue reading “A Vaccine for Your Portfolio”

How COVID and the elections may affect your investments

It’s hard to believe that just four years ago, we were having strikingly similar conversations about the election and its potential effects on markets and retirement plans. Comparable to 2016, the conversation remains the same—do not allow political uncertainties to run your investments. Historically, markets have managed appropriately over the long term, no matter theContinue reading “How COVID and the elections may affect your investments”

Keeping it "Reel" on Coronavirus

You’ve seen it all over the headlines and social media. It’s been the chief subject among your friends and peers. Coronavirus. Beyond panicked shoppers, closed restaurants, and cancelled public events, what are the proper expectations for your money? Those who have been reading my Keeping it “Reel” pieces know that I publish these during times of uncertainty,Continue reading “Keeping it "Reel" on Coronavirus”